How Dr. Mugwenu Saved My Alcohol Addict Husband

I have been in marriage for more than 10 years, blessed with four  children. I work in an expansive restaurant within the CBD in the city while my husband secured a lucrative job at the county government.

My husband was a responsible man who provided the basic needs to the family and offered the fatherly love to our beautiful children. We were happily married as a couple and every other person who saw us including my close friends admired our relationship. Everything moved on swiftly in our marriage and whenever we had family turbines, we could just sit on a round table and square them out.

I can’t complain of having been subjected to financial torture. We had money and everything in bulky. After few years of successful savings, we decided to inject some some into our joint business as a modest way of irking a living.

We opened a car wash business in one of the strategic places in Eastlands within the city and employed some three guys who managed it very well. They used to bring us money everyday in the evening. We opened a joint bank account where we used to deposit the money every Saturday.

We had even planned to buy land in the outskirts of Western region and set our beautiful home so that we can have a comfortable and expansive place for our family to call a home.

My husband was much into politics and football and he could sometimes come with his friends to the house to have an atete-atete about political landscape in the country and matters concerning football.

However, things turned quagmire after some of my husband’s friends introduced him into imbibing liquor pleasure every weekend. My husband changed into something else. He couldn’t heed to anyone’s advice apart from his alcohol imbibers friends.

There was a time he came home very drunk without anything. He was robbed valuable items like a phone, wallet and some of his bank documents like ATM. When I tried to inquire what conspired getting to a point of losing all his valuable items, he served me with a revolving hot slap that plunged me into a silence mood.

I was losing my husband, his health condition was really depreciating. His bank accounts were running dry. Poverty was really knocking at our doorstep.

However, when I tried to seek some family advice from one of my workmate who had a similar problem but was completely settled, she advised me to instantly seek the help of the famous herbalist Dr. Mugwenu.

I was given a herbal drug which I was told to place in my husband’s food. I did what I was told and followed all the instructions as Dr. Mugwenu had ordered me to do that day.My husband quit alcohol instantly and became a responsible father from that day. We are living as a happy family courtesy of Dr. Mugwenu.

“I am taking this opportunity to tell anyone having similar problems visit Dr. Mugwenu at and your problems shall be solved,” he says.

The traditional doctor says his spell casting powers work within 24 hours, and usually within the same day they are released.

Dr. Mugwenu handles general problems ranging from winning court cases, winning the lottery, protection of family and property, as well as accurate foretelling of one’s future.

Many others who have been assisted by Dr. Mugwenu say they have received powerful healing and are now more connected to their fellow lonely hearts.

Contact herbalist Dr. Mugwenu, he heals blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, gonorrhea, syphilis, TB, and manhood weakness in addition to other ailments.

The traditional doctor also solves life’s challenges such as love issues, family problems, hardships in business, increases your luck, that is, winning lottery games and court cases, promotions at work and clears away devilish spirits and dreams.

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Do not be limited by location. You can get the help you need wherever you are through distance healing. Mugwenu Doctors says one of their greatest attributes is distance healing:

“This is when we help people who are not physically present with us. It does not matter where you are, we can assist you successfully.”

Do you have problems on your mind?

Mugwenu Doctors can work together with you, but detachment is the key to success during this healing process. You must be in a quiet place and detach yourself from everything around you. This is very important because your bodies must connect without any interference.

So should you find that you are not at peace with yourself and those around you or should you find that things are not working as you want them to, just connect with Mugwenu Doctors on +254740637248 or visit

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