How prison life destroyed my dad career but he reformed after completion of his term

I never knew I would stand here and share the story of my dad,he was a prominent businessman in Mtwapa but things happened that changed his life.

On 31st December 2018, he was found in his house and was accused to have defiled a minor and the parent of the child demanded a huge chunk of bribe to solve the case.

My family was poor and we didn’t have the money and thus my dad fake case was planted and he was prisoned.

His life took a different turn and all his businesses collapsed as those he had employed took off with his properties.

My mother wasn’t educated and thus she couldn’t manage what was left behind and thus,the few that were at my village was sold to get money for a cash bail.

It wasn’t enough and thus my dad life ended up more messed.

He was jailed for 4 years as the family couldn’t secure his freedom and at the prison he suffered a depression.

Luckily we got a connection in the prison and he was treated and he was finally released.

As we headed home that evening, a friend introduced us to Dr Mugwenu who helped Dad to regain all his properties within the shortest time.

No my dad has acquired more wealth more than it was by the time he was jailed.

He has forgiven those who accused him of defilement and his friends who stole from him.

 “Call Doctor Mugwenu on this number: +254740637248, he will help with your problem,” the note said.

My dad recently visited the website and got to talk to the famous Doctor Mugwenu. At first, it was weird telling him about his problems.

Mugwenu is very confidential and will never share anything about his patients. In fact, I am writing this because I have seen miracles and want to help other people.

Contact herbalist Dr. Mugwenu, he heals blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, gonorrhea, syphilis, TB, and manhood weakness in addition to other ailments.

You want to meet Mugwenu? Just dial this number +254740637248 and thank me later. Also check his works out on website

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