Why famous Pastor went Mad, Confessed to Chewing 27 Married Women in his church

Be very afraid when your wife becomes extremely religious and starts spending more time with the pastor than with her family.

In my experience, these pastors can easily manipulate people and take advantage of them. I used to watch Nigerian movies, where the pastor was eating his sheep and thought it was just acting but I have come to believe this is true because my wife was chewed by her pastor.

Mary would spent the whole week from Monday to Saturday preparing for Sunday service. On Monday, it would going through last Sunday’s teachings, on Tuesday, it would be attending to sisters who didn’t go to church on Sunday.

On Wednesday, she would be attending the weekly revival, Thursday was reserved for the women meetings. On Friday she went for choir practice and Saturday, she was supposed to be cleaning the church. More worse is the fact that pastor Jonah was present in almost all these meetings, including the ones reserved for the women folk.

In the evening, my dear wife would talk glowingly about the pastor, how the pastor dressed, spoke and ate like a man. I got curious.

I decided to seek the services of the famous Doctor Mugwenu, a herbalist known for solving the world’s mysteries.

I told him I suspected my wife was having an affair with her pastor. Mugwenu told me he would solve that immediately.

The next Sunday, I got a call from one of my friends’ asking me to go witness the drama unfolding at the local church.

Apparently, the pastor had suddenly gone mad and started naming all the women he was chewing. My  wife was number one and the ring leader of those orgies.

I dumped that woman like a hot potato.

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