Drama in Makueni as High School Teacher Snatches Colleague’s Boyfriend

There is a reason why they say women are there worst enemies. Personally, I don’t believe that nonsense because we live in a competitive world and people have to do what they need to do to survive.

I am the talk of town at a school I used to teach because I betrayed my friend. But I don’t regret anything because apart from losing the friend, everything else has worked out perfectly for me.

Anne and I went to the same high school and were lucky to do the same course at the same university. When we graduated, we got jobs teaching the same school.

Anne met Reuben at a bank in Makueni Town in 2019. They immediately fell in love. However, she was not ready to offer him goodies as she thought he would not take her seriously after that.

A few months after they started seeing each other, Anne introduced me to her boyfriend. For the first time, I felt jealous for my childhood friend. Reuben had everything a woman would need in a man. A perfect body, a successful career and also very cultured.

I remember when our eyes clicked and my heart melted. I noticed Reuben staring at me in that first meeting. I knew this was the man I wanted.

That evening, I stole Reuben’s phone number from my friend’s phone. I texted him, pretending to seek some financial help. From then we started flirting.

I immediately, reached out to Dr Mugwenu, and told him I needed a spell that would make Reuben my man. Mugwenu promised to help.

After that, I decided to shoot my shot and asked Reuben out on a dated. That night, I ensured he had tasted my cookie.

Today I am pregnant and have moved with him to Nairobi. Unfortunately, Anne ensured I can’t step home. But who cares?

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