This is Why Mamito Doesn’t Wear a Panty

Renowned content creator and Churchill Show comedienne Mammito, revealed she does not like wearing panties.

In an interview with some media in Tanzania, Mammito said panties make her sweat a lot and it’s not one of the things she loves doing.

She also revealed that it only depends with one’s body on how hot they are and it’s not the weather of Nairobi that makes people to be hot. She added that she will starting a lingerie merchandise with her brand.

She was asked how many panties she owns and her response was:
” I rarely wear panties and if I do, it is just once in a long time. They make me sweat a lot,” said Mammito.
The comedienne revealed her love for men who have money and said she can never date a broke man. Mammito said that she can never marry a man who does not have dreams for the future.

”I love men who have money. Siteseki nikiwa mdogo, na ndoa pia. You should have dreams at least. Tena, Huwezi kosa pesa tena maumbile yawe madogo. Sidhani kuna mwanamke anapenda maumbile madogo. If you don’t have money, you should be good in bed. Sex also helps in taking care of our skin, so very important,” said Mammito.

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