Machakos Barmaid Snatches MCA in Dramatic Circumstances

I believe there is someone out there for everyone. Unfortunately, your soulmate could be with someone’s soulmate and you might have to use crude means to get them back.

Yes sometimes, you have to end a relationship to start another one. We all know of that musician who broke the Governor’s marriage.

I also snatched an MCA from his marriage and I don’t regret it because we are so happy. Our relationship started when he came with his friends to a bar I was working in. The year was 2019.

As usual, these politicians love curvy yellow-yellow women. I tick all boxes when it comes to this. The MCA kept blushing every time I served him. My heart raced when I thought what his firm hands could do to me. I never felt like that for a man.

I was ready to ask for his number but he paid with Lipa na MPESA, making my work easy. That evening after my shift, I texted him on WhatsApp, introducing myself as the lady who had served them. Fortunately, he was still in town and therefore invited me to his hotel room.

It was the best night of my life. I got more than I had expected. I was not going to leave this man. I wanted him for myself despite him telling me that he was married.

I reached out to Dr. Mugwenu, a leading herbalist and told him I wanted this man for myself. Mugwenu promised to cast a spell and make the MCA my own man.

A few days later, the MCA called me and told me his wife had decided to run away with his money. I asked him to come to my place where I served him like the expert I am.

Today we are married with one one baby boy and another one on the way.

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