Sonko warn youths against Wash wash and easy money

Kenyan youths have been advised to work hard and forfeit habits of pursuing success using unorthodox means.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has advices that it will be wrong for the youths to assume that money obtained through shortcuts can have a long lasting inpact.

He has adviced that only hard work can pay.His advice comes at a time when the social media has been awash with stories of young people becoming overnight millionaires through dubious deals.

Sonko took to his social media platforms where he stated that many young people are drawn to shady dealings in a bid to quickly rise up the social ladder but that path is not all rosy.

He opined that success is a result of hardwork and any other alternative route might lead to self-destruction.

“Hizi deals za usiku kucha and you start spinning Porche Panama which you can’t tell how you earned it, will dig you an early grave.

“The sweetest success has a story. You start a business, tried and failed, tried and failed, tried and failed and so on and so on until business it teaches you enough money lessons,” he wrote.

Adding: “Life has no shortcut, that’s why our fathers drove cars at 40s and 50s. Life experiences have no shortcuts, that’s why it took our fathers years to finish the house we were brought up in.”

Sonko warned those in the ‘wash wash’ business that their success is not built to last, revealing that he has been approached several times to assist them.

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