Nairobi Slay Queen Beaten Like a Burukenge After Being Busted With Married Man in City Lodging

Let me tell you, there is no one with a monopoly of violence. If someone does you bad, you do them worse. Maturity is overrated, when they go low, you multiply the violence to infinity and go low.

Last week, I found my husband with some ghetto slay queen at a lodging in the city. This girl had sent me a lot of insults through texts.

I have always known that my husband is a serial cheater. But there is no reason for her mistresses to disrespect me.

But this girl had told me that I was too old, and my husband will not be seeing fallen boobs when he can get fresh juice out there.

For the first time, I was so mad that I decided to find a permanent solution to my husband’s cheating. I wanted him to stop from that behavior forever.

That’s why I went to seek help from Dr. Mugwenu, a leading herbalist from the region. I told Mugwenu I wanted to not only stop my husband from cheating but also teach one of these slay queens a lesson.

When my husband called me to go to a hotel in Nairobi immediately, I knew what happened. He had been stuck to his girl during love making.

I found them stuck together like dogs in bed. My husband was literally crying begging for forgiveness. But I was more interested in Mercy, the slayqueen under him. I asked if she was the one texting me, she said YES

I beat that girl mercilessly before shaving her head with scissors. I asked Mugwenu to release them. I realized I didn’t want to be in that marriage again so I dumped the idiot.

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