All Commercial Buildings in Nairobi to Be Fitted With CCTVs

By Jacktone Oduor

All commercial buildings  in Nairobi will be forced to install CCTV Cameras both inside and outside the premises after a motion  by Kabiro MCA Clerence Munga was passed.

According to the mover of the motion, this will tame the now rampant muggings in the city and its surroundings.

” These Cameras can be installed in public spaces and all around the buildings to ensure thieves and other people with ulterior motives can be monitored in every step they take ” said Munga.

This comes just  2 months after The county formulated a special task force to handle muggings in the the city.

However the motion drew divergent views after several MCAs raised concerns over installation of the same in residential estates.

Munga Says that  the project should be first implemented in Public utility places like markets and community centres before narrowing it down to other places.

In 2014 Safaricom started installing the Sh14.9 billion communication and surveillance system that is linked to police stations to help combat crime in Nairobi and Mombasa. a venture that is yet to yield tangible results

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