William Lawson’s Begins Search for Kenya’s Next Highlander

William Lawson’s has kick-started Kenya’s Next Highlander, a challenge that seeks to reward its customers culminating in the awarding of winner in December.

The search will see participants compete through a series of challenges to earn the title of Kenya’s Next Highlander.

According to Paul Maina Kanyeki, the regional manager for Bacardi Martini, the search will look out for all bold but not arrogant, daring but not anarchic Kenyans, challenging them to show their grit for the chance to be crowned as Kenya’s Next Highlander

The search for Kenya’s Next Highlander kicked off on Saturday with only the most courageous Kenyans who had the guts to rope-climb to the top of the bar in the sky were rewarded with Highlander challenges to prove they’re worth being a part of the search, and instant prizes.

The Next Highlander Challenge is scheduled to run from 1st October to 11th December 2021 in Kenya and will be carried out in two main phases.

The first phase will focus on recruiting the participants and having them take part in the challenges.

The competition is open to all individuals aged 18 years and above who dares to take up the challenge.

To enter one must register on the website www.thenexthighlander.co.ke or scan the QR Code on any of the campaign communication in various retail outlets or dial *483*849# and follow the simple steps.

 They will then receive an invitation to participate in challenges staged at various outlets.

Those people who can best prove their Highlander attitude will move to phase 2, where they will be pitted against each other in a final set of challenges at the grand finale.

The grand finale will take place on 11th Dec 2021 along Ngong road, Nairobi where the final 50 would-be Highlanders will battle it out for the title of Kenya’s Next Highlander.


Speaking about the Next Highlander challenge, Paul Maina, Bacardi Area Manager for East Africa said,

“William Lawson’s is known for defying the norm and being brazenly different, just like our liquid; this is the kind of person we are looking for, someone with a true highlander attitude. We know Kenya is full of highlanders, but only one person will have the guts to be the William Lawson’s Highlander. I challenge everyone to participate if they dare – we look forward to bumping fists with Kenya’s Next Highlander!”

Some of the challenges the Next Highlander will have to beat include the hanging challenge, where competitors hang from a 2.5-meter-tall pole and the person that hangs the longest wins; scotch on the rocks, where competitors are to carry a heavy item across the competition venue and the person that goes furthest wins; squat the sheep, which will see the competitors squat with a sheep strapped to their backs, with the person that does the most squats winning. It will take true guts and determination to be the Next Highlander.

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