Polycom lauds Nairobi Assembly for passing the Sexual Violence Bill

By Mourice Seretta

Polycom Development has applauded Nairobi County Assembly for ensuring the Gender based Sexual Violence Bill is passed.

Polycom conducted a research in Partnership with Womankind World Organization which revealed how girls in the informal settlements especially in Kibera are Molested and sexually harassed by close family members.

The study which involved 20 schools in Kibera demonstrates the widespread harassment among the girls. It is set to outshine the reality of cases of sexual harassment as the affected adolescent girls revealed.

The two organizations blamed the Kenyan Lawmakers for dismissing the sexual Offence Billion 2016 due to lack of accurate data to demonstrate the magnitude of the problem.

The County Assembly of Nairobi On Tuesday passed the sexual Gender Based Violence bill into an Act which is waiting to be ascended into a Law by the Acting Governor. The bill calls for protection and Psychosocial support to the victims of Gender based Violence.

The assembly also passed motion which was sponsored by the Wanjiru Kariuki that proposed for building of safe houses where victims of Gender based Violence will be recovering for some time and get counselled.

Kibra MP Imran Okoth’s representative at the event.

Speaking during the discussion, Nominated MCA Mary Ariviza of Nairobi county Assembly said they will there will work with the donor community because that is what is in the ground. She said together with the stakeholders they will be able to tell people how prevalent GBV is.

“We are here with Polycom and this research reveals what happens in the daily lives of girls. And it’s not only in the informal settlements. It also happens in the Formal settlements but it is never spoken about. You will find that its done by close family members like fathers and step-fathers too. The stakeholders like the Attorney General, the office of the Prosecutor and we are going to have centres in every sub County. We will tell them how GBV is prevalent,” Said Ariviza.

Participants share a point at the event.

Hon Jagero who was also present said the government needs to works hard and ensure they are the centres are active with medical practitioners to give counselling to the victims.

“We laud the government for ensuring there are gender desks in most of the sub-counties but now we would like them to up their game in ensuring that there is always somebody and a friendlier person at the desks so that they can receive the cases. Medical Practioners should be at the desks to provide counselling too,” Said Jagero.

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