KDF Boss Goes Mad After Eating Ksh 1.2 Million Bribe

Never joke with a man’s hard earned money. That is a lesson you should keep close to your heart because it can lead to unimagined pain.

I know most Kenyans don’t like hearing about single fathers but we are out here. Having to raise kids, especially sons alone is not easy.

I have two boys, well now they are adults, but still they are my babies. I have raised them singlehandedly since their mum died in 2004. Rita succumbed to cancer.

It has not always been easy because as you know, boys need their mum. At times I was tempted to remarry but I was afraid of the consequences that would have on my sons.

My sons completed high school in 2010 and 2011 respectively. The eldest got a C+ while the youngest got a B-. Both not university entry grades at the time but very good performance considering what we had both been through.

My youngest son always wanted to join the military as a cadet officer. He applied and was shortlisted for initial training at Lanet.

It is while he was at Lanet that I received communication that we needed to part with Ksh 1 million for him to join the elite squad. My eldest son also wanted to join KDF. We were told we had to pay Ksh 200k for him to realise his dream.

I wonder why we should people should pay a lot of money to serve their nation. None the less, because of the love for my sons, I sold my prime piece of land in the heart of Eldoret Town.

We gave all the money to a senior KDF boss, who promised to secure my sons chances in the military. That was Ksh 1.2 million.

But as you are all aware, there are several scams in these things. We happened to be victims of these scams. Immediately after receiving the money, the said KDF boss went missing. He refused to pick our calls and later blocked our numbers.

But he didn’t know he was messing with the wrong number. I immediately sought the help of Dr. Mugwenu, a renowned herbalist.

I told Mugwenu to help me recover my money. The herbalist cast his spell.

Three days later, we received a call from a woman identifying herself as the soldier’s wife. Her husband had gone mad and was shouting our name everywhere.

We went to Nairobi where he refunded all our money. It happened that he had conned several other people and had to return their money too.

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