KVAC wants electoral and political participation of disabled voters

By Mourice Seretta

The Kenya Voter Accessibility Caucus (KVAC) is appealing to the relevant authorities to ensure that the ongoing voter registration exercise and the forth coming general elections comply with the needs of disables voters.

IEBC on Monday last week rolled out a voter registration drive targeting between six and seven million new voters ahead of 2022 general elections.

In the first phase covering 30 days, the electoral body targets to register at least 4 million of the new voters, with another exercise set for January next year if the target is not met.

IEBC aims at increasing the number of registered voters from the current 19.6 million to 26.9 million that is if it meets its 7.2 million new voter target.

Addressing the media from a Nairobi Hotel, the Caucus’s Chairperson Dr Dennis C. M, said that institutions like the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and Parliament need to do more in ensuring that disabled voters vote without hitches.

KVAC Chairperson Dr Dennis C. M. addressing the media from a Nairobi Hotel on 12th Oct 2021. (Photo: Mourice Seretta).

‘For example what happens when a blind voter walks into a voting booth? We need those involved to ensure that we have braille ballot papers to ensure that blind voters vote without difficulties. We have also seen them do things so as to be seen to be doing something. For example, you will find that they have erected a ramp which is either too steep or too narrow for those that use the wheelchairs to access them,’ Dr Dennis further explained.

He however said that after reaching out to the relevant authorities, they showed positive responses that disabled voters will be well catered for during the ongoing voter registration exercise and during the actual voting exercise come next year when the country will be holding a general election.

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