Mother Reveals How Maid From Hell Who Killed Their Son Was Nabbed

This looks like a script from a horror movie. When you read the story on newspapers, you might think that it happened so far away from you.

But it happened to my family. In August this year, when my husband and I were at work, our house help went berserk and stabbed our three-year-old son 14 times.

The crime scene looked like a slaughter house with pieces of meat strewn everywhere. It clearly showed that the woman was in a fit of uncontrollable rage. I wonder what we had done to her to deserve such cannibal like treatment.

More importantly, did she have to unleash her violence on an innocent kid? People have been blaming us for mistreating the girl, but this is someone we had stayed together with for more than 2 years. If she felt mistreated, she would have walked away.

But here came the sad part, police could not trace the murder suspect. Now, it is one thing to loss a loved one but it is a totally different thing when the culprit who committed the crime walks scot-free. What if she kills again? There are several three-year olds out there and parents who need nannies. You know how this goes.

In September, a month after the incident, we went to the police station to check on progress of investigations. Police had hit a dead end.

They said the maid had switched off her phone and there was nothing they could do about it. I was so broken.

A friend of mine advised me to use divine intervention to nab the nanny. She introduced me to Dr. Mugwenu, a renowned herbalist.

Mugwenu has a reputation for fixing the world’s problems. When I called him, I had lost hope of finding the person who killed my son.

But that evening, I was called to the police station and told someone had surrendered and confessed to the murder. It was my former nanny.

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