Glitz and Glamour as Lesedi Developers officially launch the LCL program

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Real estate developer has redefined the landscape of owing property yet again as it officially launched the popular Lesedi Club for Land (LCL) on Friday, 8 October at the Windsor Golf Club. The epoch-making event, which was graced, by top media personalities and business men was a spectale of pomp and color. 

It was a defining moment for the enviable real estate developer as it has set a trend that will see thousands of Kenyans with middle and low-income become landowners. 

Geoffery Kiragu, the Lesedi group director in his speech said that the LCL program was founded to meet the need for cheap property in developed and emerging areas for the high pricing puts off Kenyans who want to own land by and fixed payment plans.

The intention also, according to Mr. Kiragu is to sway the mindset of young Kenyans who may think that land ownership is for the older generation and whose priorites are elsewhere. 

He further confirmed that the club has enlisted over 300 members which is a record high, within a span of two months only. This only goes to show that there are many individuals who are interested in buying land and are locked out of the idea because they cannot afford a lump sum. 

Lesedi Club for Land is a program in which members are allowed to choose a property, make an initial deposit of Ksh. 120,000 within 3 Months and clear the balance within three years. 

Vincent Munderu the head of LCL said that he couldn’t be happier not only with the success of the event but also with the turnout and the new lifeline Lesedi Developers is giving to Kenyans. “This is another step for my team and I to offer a product that will put smiles and relief for thousands of people who would otherwise not have dreamed of owning a piece of land”.

Florence, one of the people who have benefitted from the program said that hers was an easy process where she was taken to her preferred site and after paying the initial deposit; she was issued with a certificate as she awaits to clear the remaining balance where she will receive her title deed. “I am now making plans to develop the land in the near future, which was only a dream a few months ago. Lesedi developers has given me hope as now the dream is a reality”. 

Some of the guest speakers included Mr. Alex Kabebe who is an Investment Consultant and Business Coach gave financial advice, re-instating the need for having long term and low risk investments, land, ranking high.

Karangu Muraya the brand ambassador entertained the crowd with his songs but also noted that he chose to associate himself with Lesedi Group since the company has maintained integrity throughout its exisitent and that the affordable plans will benefit thousands of people who find it difficult to save enough to buy land. 

It is apparent that the real estate industry in Kenya has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent past. However, many developers choose to remain complex in operations and transfer still remains a sensitive issue. In this regard, firms need to re-invent their competitive strategies in order to remain relevant.

Mr. Kiragu quoted Henry Ford’s famous phrase that a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. He added that the main goal of Lesedi group is not solely about making profits but offering a new lifeline to Kenyans, particulalry those who have low earnings. Kiragu, inspired by his own humble background announced that he is working on his book about the power of believing in self and beginning now. 

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