Headteacher Accused of Raping Students Tells His Side of The Story

It was the worst time of my life. I walked to school and found someone had printed, in large letters, on the gate that I was sleeping with students.

Of all the smearing-campaigns I had faced in my time at the school, this was the worst. It is hard to argue your case against child molestation especially in this era where decisions are made for the media and not justice.

Prior to the smear campaign, I had asked for a transfer from TSC, citing an unfavorable working environment at my working station.

Some of the teachers didn’t want me at the school because I was not from the community. They incited parents to kick me out but the parents didn’t because the school had improved performance in national exams.

They decided to accuse me of sexual assault. How far can someone sink in their attempts to destroy a fellow human being.

That evening, I was arrested by DCI and put in police custody. I was to be charged for a crime whose only evidence was a malicious message on the school gate. They didn’t even have a complainant. I thought about my kids back home and shattered.

I decided that I wasn’t going to go down without fighting. Some battles are not fought physically, you need to divine intervention.

While in police custody, I asked for a phone which I used to call Dr. Mugwenu, a popular herbalist in Kenya and beyond. Mugwenu is known to fix all the world’s imagined problems. I told him I was being fixed for rape.

The doctor cast his spell through the phone and told me not to worry for everything was under control.

The following day I was supposed to go to court but I was surprised when I was visited by some teachers from my school. They told me someone had recorded the deputy headteacher writing those words on the school gate.

The deputy had been arrested and I was a free man.

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