Mudavadi wants Uhuru to lift curfew

ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi is asking President Uhuru Kenyatta to lift the ongoing nationwide curfew arguing that Kenyans cannot continue bearing the economic hardships anymore as the nationwide curfew is aggravating life that is already unbearable.

Speaking at a ANC Parliamentary Group meeting in Nairobi today, Mudavadi says Kenyans will continue observing the laid down Covid-19 protocols as stipulated by the Ministry of Health without the inconveniences of the curfew.

“It is clear that the economic hardships continue to bite several sectors of the economy. The transport sector, the small-scale traders’ sector, the hospitality sector among other sectors. The message that is coming through is that it is time that the curfew is lifted. We are not saying that the Covid-19 guidelines should not be observed, but clearly, we cannot continue in a situation where economic hardships continue and yet we can see the numbers in Covid-19 cases declining. People must be given an opportunity to start recovering.”

The Party Leader has also called on Kenyans to come out and register in large numbers during the ongoing mass voter registration exercise being undertaken by IEBC.

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