I am in Love With My Mum’s Boyfriend – Campus Girl Reveals

My mum is this one woman, I have been unable to understand. She is one gorgeous woman but has refused to remarry after my dad’s death.

If you see us, you would think we are sisters because she is only 37 and she gave birth to me when she was 17.

Early this year, mum introduced me to a guy, saying he is a her boyfriend. The problem is that the guy is way younger than her.

To make the matter worse, he is also in the same university where I study. This is weird. We met at a party towards the end of the semester and I couldn’t keep my eyes of him.

He is well-built and just has some good vibes I am sure everyone would want to date her. How he settled for my mum is a story for another day.

At the party, we played truth and dare, and someone miraculously dared me to kiss him. It is as if they were reading my mind. I couldn’t hold back as I gave him the kiss of his life. That was the beginning of the end for me.

That night I couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking about how it felt lying behind the cute boy. At night, I made the decision to snatch him from my mum.

To do this, I decided to seek the services of Dr. Mugwenu, a popular herbalist in Kenya. I called  him and explained to him why I needed to snatch my mum’s boyfriend.

As usual, the doctor promised to help me. That night, my mum called me with good news. She said she had met someone her age who was going to marry her. I was going to have a step dad.

I was so excited because this meant I had her boyfriend to myself. I asked him out on a date and we have never looked back.

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