HENNET attempts to solve health financing

By Steve Sabai

Health NGOs Network (HENNET)a membership based coalition of health Non- Government Organizations (NGOs) and Civil Society organisation held a meeting in Nairobi to salvage domestic financing for health need issues.

The meeting saw the attendance of Cabinet Assistant Secretary Ministry of Health Dr. Mercy Mwangangi, women representative for Murang’a Sabina Chege.

”We can’t continue depending on donor funding, hence the need to identify gaps opportunities in order to help finance women, children and adults in community in terms of health.” said CEO Dr. Mercy Onsando HENNET.

The Government committed itself to help fund the fight against the Covid Pandemic, and improve the Technology on health matters.

All the funds meant for the elderly, vulnerable in the society and a lot of Kenyans can be taken care of.
The Health ministry needs to ensure that money is not only concentrated on policies but other sectors to help in prevention of Diseases.

”UHC was initially paying for everyone and it was a huge expenditure. They are looking yo make the UHC bill Digital regardless of private Hospital or Public the prices will remain the same. The bill is still in the process of final stages.
We need to make sure that our public hospitals are working properly to reduce the search of healthcare in other foreign countries.” Noted Hon Sabina Chege.

HENNET’s mission is to stimulate linkages and strategic partnerships among health NGOs, government and private sector in order to enhance their responses towards health needs of Kenyans.

The commitmeny by the Government can be achieved by getting parliamentarians and stakeholders to make bills and policies that are long lasting in health sector.
Accountability is also needed to ensure all resources put in are of benefit.

HENNET further requests the Government to be accountable and implement the commitments for the benefits of women, children and adolescent during and beyond COVID 19.

Dr Mercy Mwangangi CAS Ministry of Health further added that, Investment in reproductive health is vital and the Government is finalizing the donor fund plan, more efficiency in the available resources and ensure Integrating the resources as well.

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