Former Vice Presidents Kin in Tussle With Tenant Over Ksh100,000

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Since April, the Landlord Eunice Bagorogoza has not refunded shs 100,000 to Marcela N who did not move into her House in Muringa Court.

The tenant Marcella N and Landlord Eunice Bagorogoza a who is rumored to be one of the wifes to former Vice President Moody Awori are fighting after Mrs Bagorogoza allegedly changed goal post and insisted that Marcella pays a deposit of 2 months before occupying her house. Marcellah said they had agreed on a one-month deposit but Bagorogoza insisted on three.

A tenant who was to move into a house at Muringa court is embroiled in a nasty war of words with her to be landlord.

The tenant Marcella N and Landlord Eunice Bagorogoza are fighting after Mrs Bagorogoza allegedly changed goal post and insisted that Marcella pays a deposit of 2 months before occupying her house.

Marcellah said they had agreed on a one-month deposit.

According to a tenancy agreement Marcellah was to occupy a three bedroomed apartment No. D14 located at Muringa Court Apartment on plot L.R No 2/31/1 along Muringa road, Kilimani Nairobi.

The agreement was drafted on 9th March 2021 and Marcella declined to sign saying Mrs Bagorogoza had not stuck to what they agreed.

Marcellah said she was to pay a deposit of shs 75,000 and one moth rent of the same amount.
The total was shs 150,000.

However, she claimed that Mrs Bagorogoza drafted an agreement requiring her to pay a two-month deposit instead of one.

“I had made a deposit of shs 150, 000 to Mrs Bagorogoza account. After she changed position, I demanded a refund and she declined. I was only able to reverse shs 50,000 I had sent her on MPESA,” Marcella said.

An argument arose after Mrs Bagorogoza declined to refund the money.
It led to a Whatsapp spat.

When reached for comment, Bagorogoza said:

Oh my goodness! Marcellah was to move in from 8th of November after paying deposit. She had begged she had no money and told me she was travelling for a week and would move in after she returns. She was to deposit one month balance was 50K to be paid two days after she agreed to rental terms. She went and never sent any money, we kept chasing tenants thinking she was maybe held up only for her to send Mpesa on the 17th a whole one and half month after she took the house and insisted, she is counting first month from 17th April which was totally unacceptable. She reversed the 50 and I let it go! I think it is better we take this case to rent tribunal because I have witnesses that were there when we made the agreement.

She also denied allegations that she has links to former Vice President Moody Awori.

Marcellah said Bagorogoza has been bragging about Moody Awori and said that she is “untouchable” because she enjoys protection from high-ranking government officials.

Moody Awori does not come in this anywhere and if you dare post anything contrary, we will sue you for defamation and slander! Study this carefully before you embarrass yourself!” she warned a Journalist who was pursuing the story.

Bagorogoza latter added that she had used Marcellas’s cash to carry our repairs in the house so that Marcela could move in.

“Hi. It is obvious I made a terrible mistake, but I must let you know that I will not need any stress over payment deadlines I have seen you cannot be trusted so send balance soonest possible and make sure by 8th you deposit for the other month. I have asked the caretaker to keep a close eye on you- he has the authority to also evict and find other tenants for my property,” Bagorogoza told Marcellah in one of the messages after they had differed.

“Good afternoon mum. We came and saw the house to take measurements for curtains but there were some breakages in the bathrooms and windows, and we asked Ronald to take care of them. Have they been done? Then the contract had some amendments as well. My sister tested positive for Covid and we had to isolate for 14 days. So, until now we haven’t moved in yet and you are evicting us?” Marcellah asked Bagorogoza.

“I am referring to your promise to pay balance within a week as you promised you have been back to the house and definitely must have seen that all the necessary repairs were done, please do not ask me funny questions. Repairs that were mentioned to me were done the very next day! I am quite sure you are aware of that,” Bagorogoza said in another message sent to Marcella.

“The house has been yours from the day you paid deposit and some extra. So, you should have been keeping checking on it. When I went to check the repairs, I found dust had once more come in the house but that is no longer my issue. Please let us not start on a bad foot”

“I did what I never do for most of my tenants, I made sure Zuku came and re -connected and have done all that needed being done. As I waited your one week promise which has not happened,” Bagorogoza told Marcellah.

[10:58 pm, 22/04/2021. Marcellah N: My four children have also just recovered from corona, so it is not a big issue. Banking is online transfers.
[10:58 pm, 22/04/2021] Eunice Bagorogoza Muringa Court: Good evening to all
Kindly clear all your outstanding water and service charge bills to enable Management to undertake its obligations. Collins: Suspend all common services to any apartment that will have outstanding bills by Monday morning at 9am.Blessed weekend.

[10:58 pm, 22/04/2021] Eunice Bagorogoza Muringa Court: Please let me know what we are about. Are you still taking the house? Yesterday was your next pay day yet you have not yet topped up your deposit balance of 50k. Can you let me know what your intentions are? If you are not able to pay rent, please let me know.

[10:58 pm, 22/04/2021] Eunice Bagorogoza Muringa Court: Please let us be on the same page from the start. If its pay time, please remit your payments.

[10:58 pm, 22/04/2021] Eunice Bagorogoza Muringa Court: I liked you both from when I saw you, please let us not be bad friends. Goodnight my dears.

[10:58 pm, 22/04/2021] Marcellah N: Mum we liked you as well.
I promise we shall be good friends. Have a blessed night mummy.

[10:58 pm, 22/04/2021] Eunice Bagorogoza Muringa Court: Marcella, hope you are well. I have seen 50 deposited in my Mpesa. That was balance of the deposit, but you owe the other month from the 8th of April please let us get these issues very clear from the start. You have not paid for April. What you have sent is the overdue balance to first month rent and the one-month deposit.

[10:59 pm, 22/04/2021] Marcellah N: Hey mum this is when we want to enter the house so deposit plus rent. April is the first month.[10:59 pm, 22/04/2021] Marcellah N: But if it is complicated then we can look for another house, just refund.
[10:59 pm, 22/04/2021] Marcellah N: We agreed one month rent and one month deposit. I hope it still stands. I cannot before I enter.
[10:59 pm, 22/04/2021] Marcellah N: Since where I am I have paid as well.
[10:59 pm, 22/04/2021] Marcellah N: Please let us know in good time
[10:59 pm, 22/04/2021] Marcellah N: Kindly refund our money we cannot pay where we have not entered. I guess you are complicated, and we are not reading from the same page.
Marcellah and Bogorogoza finally fell out.

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