IRA Communication Chief ‘Swindles’ Advertising Agencies of Commissions

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A senior Communication Manager with the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) Noella Mutanda is being accused of swindling several Advertising Agents of their hard-earned commission.

This is after the Authority carried caried out several media campaigns in local radio stations.

Noella and the Advertising Agencies allegedly got into an agreement that they negotiate directly with the local broadcasters on the amounts to be paid.

Several adverts were placed, and IRA paid the Government Advertising Agency which in turn paid the Stations.
In some instances, the Agencies said IRA paid the stations directly.

The stations were then supposed to pay the Advertising Agencies a commission in return for giving them business.

“Noella called the stations directly and was given the cash leaving the Advertising Agencies out. We were to share the commission, but she took everything. Now, she can’t be reached and is not interested in paying the agencies,” said a CEO of one of the Agencies.

The stations that paid Noela cash in commission amounting to shs 600,000 are Kassfm, West FM, Serian FM, Maiyan and Bus Radio, Weru TV, Lolwe TV , Tandao TV and Cable News Agency from North Eastern.

The Agencies said they will report Noella to the Public Relations Society of Kenya for unethical practices.

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