Utalii students block Thika Road Protesting Lack of Water

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Kenya Utalii College Students on Friday took to Thika road and inconvenienced motorists while venting their anger over mismanagement and lack of water at the Institution.

The students said they have gone for a whole week without water and the management has done little to address the issue.

On Thursday, they protested over lack of the vital commodity.

They were addressed by the management bit still on Friday, there was no water.

During the Thursday meeting, they walked out on the CEO who doubles up as the Principal Mr Hashim Muhammed.
They said the two bore holes at the institution have broken down and the water from Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company was unreliable.

Some of the female students complained that they had gone for two days without showering and that this was “embarrassing”

The students accused Mr. Hashim Muhammed as well as Acting director of studies Wilson Mwangi of mismanagement not being experienced to run the College.

They e demanded that CS Tourism Najib Balala should sack the duo.

“Hashim and Mwangi are the problem in this institution. Once they leave, everything will be ok. Otherwise, this college will collapse,” said a student leader who requested anonymity.

On Thursday, the students said they were forced to use the water at the fountain located at the main entrance to wash their clothes.

They complained that the College doesn’t have proper COVID-19 protocols in place.

“The Principal doesn’t have regular meetings with students to an extent that it’s the acting director of studies who is the one running the institution with a lot of high handedness. The College facilities like student hostel are in a pathetic state.,” said one of the students.

Others added that a lot of crowding is experienced in hostels and washrooms lack basic amenities like tissue paper as well as soap.

“Students are wondering whether the College is equipping them with proper skills to be the hospitality and tourism managers if the very management under Mr Hashim Mohamed has failed to run the institution,” they said.

The management blamed the lack of water on the failure of the digital meter to work.

Engineers from Nairobi Water were called in to restore the water but by Friday, there was little success.
Student leader Rollins said they are angry the management does not have their interests at heart.

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