Nubian Community in Kibra vow not to allow Al Aqsa land be taken by PCEA

By Mourice Seretta

The Nubian Community living in Kibera Nairobi has vowed not to leave a contested land which AL Aqsa Mosque in Kibra seats on.

This, they say, comes after a court ruling on 5th October 2021 which awarded it to the Presbyterian Church.

Addressing the Media today from the spot where the land is, the Community led by Shaffie Hassan, the community says they will move to court to challenge the ruling arguing that the land rightly belongs to them and will stop at nothing to ensure it is in their custody.

‘We want the courts to know that as Nubians we respect the Judiciary but they need to make sober judgements. We also respect the Presbyterian Church who are our neighbours here but we need to remind them that on this we stand to disagree with them,’ Shaffie said.

He further disclosed that they will move to court to file a case to have the Presbyterian Church brought to book saying that the church acquired the land title deed of the contested land irregular.

Jamaldin Yohya on his part said that he moved to the area in 1986 and that the land where the Church stands was not occupied then. He also said that the contested piece of land was initially a community land and wondered how the church acquired the land title deed of a community land.

Jamaldin Yohya (left) flanked by Shaffie Hassan address the media from the contested land in Kibra on 29th October 2021. (Photo by Mourice Seretta)

Mr Yohya further said that the area former Mp Raila Odinga, after going through the matter when he was their legislator, once asked the church to stick to their initial boundary and stop encroaching on the contested piece of land.

They also lamented that they have petitioned the government on the matter a number of times but it has taken no action.

The community further said they will not cede and inch of their land nor will they move or leave for they have nowhere else to go to having been born and bred from Kibra.

A section of women stand at the front of of Al Aqsa Mosque in Kibra during the press conference. The Nubian community has vowed not to allow the land on which the Mosque stands to be taken by PCEA Church as ruled by a court recently. (Photo by Mourice Seretta).

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