Mombasa Women Rep Aspirant urges youth to register in large numbers and vote wisely

By Fred Maingi

Mombasa youth have been advised to make the current voter registration a major success by registering in large numbers.

Women Rep aspirant Emily Phenny Mwangura popularly known as Mkombozi said best leaders can only be realised if voters will turn up in large numbers and vote wisely.
Mkombozi further declared war on land grabbers & drug traffickers adding that if elected,she will not condone the vice to continue in Mombasa.

She warned the long arm of the law will catch up with them and end up being losers.
Mkombozi has vowed to fix the problem of drug abuse and work with the authority to solve land related issues.

While addressing the press at a Mombasa hotel ,Mkombozi said that Mombasa as a county has been denied development because of land related cases and drug abuse menace that the authority has failed to solve for a decade.

Aspirant Mombasa women Rep Emily Phenny Mwangura popularly known as Mkombozi has asked voters to give her a chance next year and see how she will change the face of Mombasa,she has promised to help orphans,widows and provide loans to the youth and affordable houses.

“Lack of title deeds has been a serious problem in Mombasa and more families have been living in the fear of being ejected for a long time, “We need to fix these issues and this needs to be addressed,” she said.

She said that she will table some serious motion in the house once elected with the objective of solving the said issues.
She further promised to assist drug addicts to reform with the objective of reducing the vice.

She also said that she will ensure all qualified youths get some loan that will enable them conduct business as it will keep them busy hence protecting them from engaging in dirty behaviours.

“I will ensure if God allows me,to make sure young people who have graduated and well qualified but lack job are bailed out with loans and grants for them to do their business,” she added.

Mkombozi also promised to fight insecurity in the county, fight for promotion and protection of culture, solve fresh water supply problem permanently, fight for equitable distribution of resources, and help needy students by providing bursaries among others.

She called for transparency and more accountability of resources claiming that it was the only way of fighting corruption

She added that some houses will be constructed to cater for the suffering older people in the county and the orpharns.

“We know how to do it and We have done it before, We shall build some houses in the county and employ our people who Will take good care of of them,” she said.

She said that more harambees Will be done to cater for needy students in addition to the bursaries

“Wake up, take your vote and keep it safe, come next year vote for more and other leaders that you think will help you get development, employment among other goodies,” she said.

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