Why I kicked out my wife immediately after marriage

Hi, am Francis Kamande from Athi River. I was married to Esther Muthoni.  She had bewitched me and before I could realize myself, a lot had happened.

At first we were a happy couple until she saw me talking a female workmate. She had come to note that, the colleague was attracted to me. She blamed me for being nice to her.

My wife decided to do the unthinkable, she consulted a wizard and did the worst to me. After that, things changed completely. I came home early, did the washing, cooked. When she arrived, I served her and after she was through I took the utensils and cleaned them.

She would scold me, if she found the food to be cold then demand the food be warmed. I would do as she wished. When my friends visited they got chased away and that angered them. On Saturdays she demanded me to wash her clothes and I would not hesitate.

My friends got wind of what was happening to me, since I had stopped going to work. I owned a hardware and in weeks it had been closed because I failed to open it.

I really thank my friends for their assistance. They decided to contact DR MUGWENU who was believed to have handle over a thousand similar cases. He promised to have rescued me within twenty four hours.

Later that evening when my wife arrived, she demanded me to take her bag in the bedroom, I refused. She was confused. I told her everything she had done to me. She started crying blaming me to have triggered her to do so.

I did not waste more time, I chased her out of my house and gave her, her belongings. I resumed work the following morning.

I sincerely thank my friends, Obadiah and Karanja for being true friends and DR MUGWENU for really casting out the evil spirit.

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