Eastleigh Residents Up In Arms Over Social Hall Developers ‘Greed’

Persons living with disability (PWDs) are now asking the court to expedite their case against the owner of Eastleigh Social Hall for locking them out of the public facility.

The residents who have sought anonymity moved to High Court in August over grabbing of sections meant for them by businessmen.

Some of the Narrow Corridors that they say has hampered their mobility

The PWDs have been protesting against the private developer whose actions have since locked them out of Estleigh Social Hall by allocating lift spaces to businessmen.

The businessman who owns the social hall and business center has closed down all the ramps and lifts to enable them access the social hall which is located in the 4th floor of the building against the PPP Agreement.

“Spaces for lifts have been turned into stalls” said one of the PWDs “Building above has no rams or lifts the developer turned walking places into shops, persons with disability can’t access the top floor.” Said one of the residents who wanted his name withheld

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