LG Smart Security Features That Can Help Make Your Life Easier and Safe

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Imagine being able to turn off your air conditioner or refrigerator while miles away from home. This is not a line from a movie script or fiction book but it’s a reality in today’s world thanks to smart security and Internet of Things features embedded on home appliances by manufacturers such as LG electronics. 

With Smart locks embedded in some of its products, users get control and message notifications features that enabled them to monitor the house even when they are away making it a smart security feature. 

The group showed a high preference for remote control features for their smart home appliances too. With remote control, you can easily monitor and adjust the conditions of your home to create the perfect environment for the whole day. 

From these findings, we can safely say a smart home not only offers families daily convenience but enhanced safety and security also. 

For instance, the LG Smart TV allows you to turn on its Safety mode in order to block access to content that you may deem inappropriate. While in Safety mode, your LG TV cannot access certain programs and applications. 

In addition, LG Smart refrigerators have a door alarm function that lets you know if either the refrigerator or the freezer door is open for more than 60 seconds. Making It a perfect example of how LG is embracing the Internet of Things – a growing network of common objects that connects industrial machinery with consumer home appliances to share data and complete tasks while people are occupied with other activities. The inclusion of small amounts of computational power in appliances has resulted in significant lifestyle enhancements.

On the same type of refrigerators, users can activate the lock to disable every function on the display except the lock buttons. To activate the lock, the lock button has to be pressed and held for approximately 3 seconds. 

Besides, the LG Smart washing machines make it easy to monitor every load – even while you’re away. By connecting to your Wi-Fi network, the washing machines make it easy to track or schedule cycles, receive alerts when loads are done, receive an error message, get remote help and more.

Through the new plug-and-play monitoring solution and home automation hub, LG Smart Security Wireless Camera, Homeowners also enjoy easy remote access to crisp, clear video delivered to their mobile device, tablet or computer thanks to a Full HD camera with digital zoom capability. It also offers the flexibility of home automation control via a mobile device app (iOS or Android).

The LG Smart Security camera can capture virtually an entire room with minimal image distortion, as it features a 130-degree field of view. Users can even monitor their homes at night thanks to the device’s night vision capability with up to 15 feet of visibility. *

All these functions are housed in the device’s discreet, modern design that allows it to blend subtly into any room. LG Smart Security weighs less than 500 grams and is just five inches tall. ** Its sleek black colour gives the device a premium look and its strong polished-polycarbonate finished lens cover is able to withstand scratches. 

As the world evolves and moves towards a more connected, controlled and automated world, LG Electronics remains a go-to solution provider for smart technology. More so a perfect solution for users looking for augmented security with a simple setup and professional security service options with no long-term contract required. 

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