University students: No Comrade was Left stranded after Ngatia’s Meeting

University and college students have come in defense of the Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant Richard Ngatia over allegations circulating on social media that they were stranded in the city after meeting him.

“We know this malicious rumours are being peddled by Ngatia’s rivals on sensing defeat as a tactic of trying to bring him down early by discrediting his reputation ahead of the elections,” said some of the student leaders.

The students said they had a very good and successful meeting with Ngatia where the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) boss was able to campaign and sell his manifesto and agenda for Nairobi and the youth.

“We were impressed by Ngatia’s presentation which convinced us that he is the best candidate for Governor and that’s why we endorsed him. I think it is from this that his opponents to social media to try and spoil his good name,” they said.

Unverified videos have been circulating on social media trying to paint a picture of students being stranded after the meeting.

The student representatives wondered how they could be stranded in Nairobi and yet was traveling outside the city as the rumours alleged.

“The most one could pay as fare from the venue to our respective institutions is about Sh100. What is a hundred bob it is so little that despite being students we can pay for ourselves so those saying that we were stranded should apologize to us by trying to demean us,” the angry students complained.

They students said they went to meet Ngatia on their own volition after honouring his invite and not to get money or bus fare from him for attending his meeting.

“We were not promised any money or transport and we never expected any cash from Ngatia. We are old enough and responsible to take care of our bills and not seeking for handouts from politicians which are not sustainable,” they said.

Ngatia met 2000 representatives from universities, Technical and Vocational Education and Training colleges drawn from Nairobi where he was endorsed for the Governorship by the students on Thursday, January 27th, 2022.

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