Keep my Company off Your Politics, Ngatia Tells Opponents

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Richard Ngatia Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant has for the first time opened up over the allegations linking his Company with Kemsa fraud.

Ngatia said his critics were running short of development agendas to sell to Nairobi Voters hence dragging his company Megascope into petty politics.

“It pains me that some people are playing politics with the lives of Kenyans. Megascope is a multinational company operating in over 15 countries. We provide sophisticated medical equipment and train our health workers on how to use them,” Ngatia said during an interview with a local vernacular radio Station.

The president of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) is also the Managing Director and CEO of Megascope Healthcare Limited, a major corporate player in the healthcare industry in Kenya.

Megascope is a key provider for healthcare equipment leasing schemes for county governments in Kenya. The company, through Managed Equipment Services, supplied, installed, trained, commissioned and is providing planned preventive maintenance.

Megascope is also maintaining a 98 per cent uptime of theatre equipment in 219 operating rooms of 115 government hospitals.

In September 2020, a damning report by the Senate alleged that Megascope Healthcare Ltd was at the centre of the Sh63 billion medical kits scandal. The senators alleged that the company was conceived like a criminal enterprise and got over Sh1 billion contracts for Covid-19 medical supplies.

However, when he appeared before a parliamentary committee, Ngatia warned that the current trend of painting private businesses as corrupt was in a bad light as it scared away investors and at the same time resulted in their downfall.

“This was a far-fetched allegation. We are not in the business of clearing and forwarding, we supply,” he said then.

The aspirant further revealed that his company ‘saved’ many lives by providing vital equipment needed when Covid-19 hit the country.

“When Covid-19 hit our country, we had less than 20 ventilators and other ICU equipment. Being the leader in the market, we were contracted to provide the much-needed equipment, we delivered in record time and saved so many lives,’ Ngatia added.

“Kenyans should celebrate our heroic and bravery act which saved lives…Not everyone who supplied to Kemsa is corrupt. People are still supplying Kemsa to date, are they thieves?” He posed.

In addition, he asked his critics to submit evidence against Megascope to relevant investigative bodies instead of spreading ‘propaganda’.

“We invite anyone who has evidence against Megascope to present it to the relevant authorities,” Ngatia added.

The KNCCI president is expected to launch his candidature for Nairobi’s top seat this month as party nominations near.

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