My Boyfriend Cheated With My Best Friend, This is How I Revenged

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There is a saying in Swahili about Kikulacho ki Nguoni Mwako. Well, my mum had constantly warned me about the people I surround myself with because they can be your greatest enemies.

After all, they know you inside out and can use their proximity to hurt you really bad. That’s exactly what my friend Eunice did to me. I introduced Eunice to my boyfriend Eric and the next thing I know is that they are getting married.

Of course I cried my eyes out but they could hear none of it. Apparently, Eunice had told Eric that I had done several abortions when we were in school. This information, I had divulged to her, thinking she was my greatest friend only for her to use it against me.

I went through a hard time after the breakup, losing my job in the process and almost losing my mind in that period.

I was betrayed by two people I thought were close to me. My best friend and my husband to me. They not only cheated but also got married.

I was overcome by a lot of bitterness that I decided to seek revenge. I reached out to Doctor Mugwenu, a famous herbalist known to solve all the world’s imagined problems.

I told him I needed to revenge on Eunice and Eric. Mugwenu told me not to worry because he would help me.

It was now 2 years since the two had gotten married and were now raising a kid together. A few days after reaching out to Mugwenu, Eric called me to ask for forgiveness but I ignored him.

Around this time, he had applied for a very big job outside the country and he decided to travel with Eunice. However, he tried to check on the paternity of his child. It was shocking for him to find out the child was not his.

Just like he had dumped me for Eunice, his wife had sired a kid with one of his friends. The marriage broke immediately, thanks to Doctor Mugwenu.

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