How to CEO was caught in office with staff member doing it

Hey, my name is James Musembi from Kakamega County but living in Kayole estate.

Am a mechanic and my wife’s who is more educated than me works in Westlands as an accountant.

About two weeks ago, I found a text message which has depressed me.

My wife boss whom I will expose one day was seducing her telling her how beautiful she is and she would wish to marry her as second wife.

I didn’t question my wife as I didn’t want to confront her before getting the full information.

One day as I was continuing with my business, my wife called me and requested me to give her a permission to travel to Mombasa for a business trip with his workmates.

I was curious but I allowed her. But I warned her of engaging with extramarital activities.

Due to depression, I decided to visit Dr Mugwenu as I was introduced by my friend some weeks ago.

I needed to punish the boss for sleeping with my wife.

The Dr advised me on what to do to catch them red handed and I was instructed on what to do.

One week after visiting him, my wife and his boss planned a date to enjoy their time little did they know I was following them.

They booked a room and the man’s manhood disappeared and he was wailing in pain.

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