Ashley Njera releases new song Pole Pole featuring Obidan Dela

Afro pop artiste Ashley Njera has released her new song Pole Pole featuring Obidan Dela. The musician says the song was inspired by her life experience, “The song is inspired by tunes and social events I have encountered, as a songwriter, I didn’t go to any school. I learn from listening to tunes,”she said. The song was produced by Teddy B and the video directed by Dr. Eddie.

The 26 year old musician says she started singing in primary school, “I started singing when I was young, especially in the shower. In class seven I auditioned for a spot in the school choir and the choir master was really impressed and from there I knew singing was my passion.”  On why she settled for RnB and pop genres, she says, “Growing up when my mum woke up she used to put Classic FM and I loved the music, I thought it was the right genre for me.”

Ashley also revealed she dropped out of university, “I was studying community development at African Nazarene University but I decided to drop out because I was unsure of it and I wanted to give myself time to figure out what to do.” The musician also runs her catering company Day To Day Kitchens, “I realised I love cooking so I started a catering business Day To Day Kitchens and I deliver affordable and healthy food to offices. I also have an online store for women’s clothes called Tussie Store.”

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