How a mother of three got her first job and rose to become a millionaire

My name is James George from Nairobi county I am a mother of one three years ago when I got my first job I started saving for a piece of land in my village since I was working in the city I would said the money to my cousin who was upcountry

 Ahead full trust in him and after several months I went to check the progress of my home. According to my calculations the house musts have been almost over. I used to send money every day forfor the fundies

 When I told him I was going home he started coming up with stories on why I should delay my visitation. I could never have guessed anything was wrong since he used to send me photos of the house that was being built.

 I was hit byI was hit by shock the minutes we went home. The house I found was nothing close to the photos he had been sending me. It was halfway buildwith the with the poorest quality ofof stones sand end ballast. It was hit by shock ahead plans to do a house opening in December Ed had even invited my friends to see how much I had achieved.

 The house was not even one 1/4 of what had sent him. I tried contacting him but he wentinto hiding. He could not pick up my calls and went missing. a close friend of mine told me that hethat he was also building his own house using  my my materials

 I needed my money back I tried going to thepolice but we had no written agreement so it was had for me to convince them. I decided to consult a traditional herborist doctor mcguinnwho would return him from hiding I’d make him pay up all my money

 Two days after consulting him he came home give me half of my money and returned all the materials he hid taken 2 he’s from. He promised to pay the rest in a weeks time which he did. Thanks to doctor mcguinn

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