Cheren Pledges to Be Symbol of peace for Mt. Elgon if Elected

By Isabella Maua

As the general elections draw closer, each aspirant on the political race is in a rush to move masses and of course sell their manifesto to the voters so as to clinch their desired seats.  

Silas Kuwaka Cheren aka Waziri wa Michezo is an independent candidate aspirant for Mt. Elgon Member of National Assembly seat who will be battling it out with the incumbent Fred Chesebe Kapondi who is vying under UDA party. 

Cheren is an accountant by profession (CPA K, B Com finance) and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree at KeMU University.

“I believe I have the ability to serve Mt. Elgon constituency given my vast experience in the corporate world and the community support  I have continued  to offer through Cheren Foundation an initiative I started way back in 2003,” he explained.

The hopeful legislator has cited that it is high time the community is put under new leadership since the previous ones have not met the people’s expectations.   

“Mt. Elgon people are desperate for change of leadership because the current leaders have not matched their expectations as compared to other constituencies that were rated the same ever since independence,” Cheren noted.

He described the region as one that has had leadership mostly from long serving political parties but not actually experienced the fruits of being associated with ‘big wigs’ in politics.

Since independence many of the constituencies that Mt .Elgon attained same status with have since taken off despite the fact that Mt.Elgon supported the long serving parties that have been in leadership.

Cheren also mentioned that he will be a symbol of unity in the region that has had many controversies and conflicts especially among the different sub tribes and dialects occupying the area.

“The kind of leaders that were given an opportunity to serve Mt. Elgon have done their part and it’s what they can do best, it’s now time they pave way for new leadership that will be offered by me to unite the people of Mt.Elgon all sub tribe dialects and tribes that live here,” he reiterated.

With regard to resource distribution which is still a big problem in Mt. Elgon, the aspirant said that key basic needs like health and water that are devolved need good coordination between County and national government citing that the current regime has not met residents’ needs as required.

“Farmers welfare is one of my top priorities especially cash crop farmers like coffee and tea without an aggressive leader who is more of a beggar to the government of the day means farmers will not get better support, new farming  techniques and financial,” he said.           

Cheren further narrates that his inspiration to vie for the parliamentary seat has been as a result of his achievement as a patron of Cheren Foundation where youths talents have been nurtured through sports that has in turn created employment and free education while discouraging idleness and promoting peace.

Conclusively, Cheren vows that when scoops the opportunity to lead the Sabaot people, he will ensure their culture is upheld and protected given the fact that they are a marginalized community in the country.  

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