Azimio Hits Out at Ruto, Mudavadi Over Prime Minister Position

By Tobby Otum

The Kenya Kwanza coalition has been criticized for being dishonest about power sharing as there is nothing tangible and that the coalition is out to con Kenyans ahead of the general elections.

 Azimio la Umoja coalition council members led by Junet Mohamed scoffed at Deputy President William Ruto’s power structure which he availed to the media.   

He said by the look of things ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi has been promised a post which does not exist in the constitution.

“From the on set two things came out clearly that the coalition was formed on the basis of power sharing and nothing else,” he pointed out.

Junet lashed out at the leaders behind the formation of the coalition whose purpose was creating positions for themselves and to enrich themselves.

He was addressing the media at the residence of Mombasa governor Hassan Ali Joho in Malindi during ODM party leader Raila Odinga’s tour of Kilifi county. The Suna East legislator scoffed at Ruto for promising to dish out positions when he formed the government after this year’s polls.

Junet, who was flanked by Joho, accused Ruto of taking his partners for a ride before forming the next government when he wins in the polls.    

He insisted the format of Ruto’s government is against what he has been preaching to the ordinary citizen.

“What Ruto has been saying contradicts his earlier sentiments that the coalition is not about power sharing but coming together,” he pointed out.The legislator said Ruto has now come down to sharing positions against what he has been championing.   

Junet told journalists what Ruto has been saying about mama mboga and bodaboda operators are the sentiments of Mudavadi and  Wetangula.

He pointed out Ruto was quoted saying that he will share positions in his line up on forming the next government.

“Ruto’s UDA party was meant to operate without positions when he formed the next government,” he pointed out.

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