A Brilliant Youth Unveils Plans to Transform Kandara

By John Kariuki

Not many youths can match the eloquence, diligence and strong will of the candidate we have decided to feature here today.

The brilliant young man is none other than Kandara MP aspirant Honourable Kibiru PMG Junior. He is the son to the late “Independent Thinker” the legendary Philip Njuguna wa Ruth.

The Times exclusively held an interview with him.

Mr Kibiru PMG Junior, strongly believes in empowerment of the youths and indeed every Kandara resident. He is a holder of International Relations Degree, giving him leverage to access International platforms for collaboration for progress

“I’m determined to change how things are done. I will change how people farm, learn, do business and even invest. I’m focused on empowering our people who have been for a long time accustomed to empty rhetoric.”

“Agriculture is the backbone of our economy Under my leadership I will ensure that Farmers are boosted in different ways and empowered. That’s why I have been assisting framers in many ways in Kandara.”

The Patron of Kandara Residence Association has been keen to follow the wise footsteps of his deceased Dad. “I’m championing the welfare of Kandara Residents who have been victims of historical injustices but now there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The government apportioned land for us and what we are now waiting for is allocation.”

Once the process of titling and handover of the land is officially complete, HON  Mr Kibiru PMG Junior intends to put up Kandara Intercity, kandara International Conference Centre which will be a business hub for the people of Kandara. This will see them grow economically and put money in their pockets as opposed to investing in neighbouring town of Thika which is in Kiambu County.

On job creation Mr Kibiru PMG Junior said for a long time our youths have been promised jobs but no one has ever told them how the jobs will come by. “The project to construct Kandara Intercity will directly employ at least 35,000 youths and hundreds of others indirectly.”

The visionary Mr Kibiru PMG Junior has over fifteen years in community service which he intends to take a notch higher once he is elected on August Ninth as the next Kandara MP.

“You don’t need a big party or money to lead people. You need to address the interests of the people which first of all you must have at heart. I’m committed to bring on board like minded people both internationaly and locally who will work with me to transform the lives of our Kandara People.”

Notable projects which Mr Kibiru PMG Junior has already initiated on the ground include youth and women empowerment through fish ponds for the youths for aquaculture, chicken and pig farming for women in their respective groups and also mentorship.

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