Ksh 41 Million up for grab as KBL unveils Tekeleza Teketeke campaign

KBL and its flagship brand Tusker have launched a national consumer initiative to support bottled beer drinkers in pursuit of their dreams.

KBL aims to celebrate and share the company’s success with millennial beer drinkers in realizing dreams and aspirations born from beer occasions as part of its centennial celebrations in Kenya.

Dubbed, Tekeleza Teketeke – 100 dreams in 100 days, the initiative will see 100 millennial consumers win Sh100,000 daily across 100 days – and KSh41 million worth of rewards, if they activate a code under Tusker Lager, Tusker Cider, Tusker Malt, Tusker Light, as well as Guinness FES, Guinness Smooth, Balozi, White Cap, or Pilsner and send an SMS to 20770.

The initiative comes as KBL looks to position its beer portfolio for the next generation, with KBL in-house research indicates that millennial consumers’ relevance appeal is shifting as a result of the pandemic, financial pressures, and changing lifestyles. 

According to KBL Managing Director John Musunga, the initiative is part of the company’s conscious and deliberate effort to set ambitious goals for the next generation in the new chapter.

“At EABL, we are dedicated to celebrating milestones every day, everywhere, and for the next century. We are proud of the legacy and impact we have created in East Africa over the last 100 years. Because millennials make up 65 percent of KBL’s clientele, the campaign reflects the firm’s optimism for the future.”

KBL Commercial Director Joel Kamau said: “As KBL, we understand that sharing a beer is more than just a social drinking occasion for our consumers. It’s a celebration of friendship, a time to dream, seek inspiration and talk about ambitions while plotting your next move. We encourage our consumers to take advantage of this campaign and SMS the code under the crown of their favourite beer bottle to 20770,” he added.

KBL controls about 90 percent of the Kenyan beer market and one of the most profitable markets in Africa, driven by strong population growth, growing middle class and dynamic private sector.

Beer-drinking age-legal millennials (18-34) account for approximately 14 million of Kenya’s 49.7 million population, forming a dominant consumer base in the alcohol and beverage sector, which influences KBL’s beer innovation and route-to-market.

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