Why Githaiga is The man to watch in Olkalou

By Martin Masinde

His name is Peter Kimari Githaiga the aspiring Member of Parliament Olkalou Constituency under the banner of the service Party ticket.

Mr Kimari has a great vision for Olkalou as The Nation sought to establish.

Ol Kalou Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of five constituencies in Nyandarua County. The constituency was established for the 1997 elections.

His key priority is education.

“As the member of Parliament I’m going to ensure equitable and fair distribution of the bursaries to sustain the students through the four years secondary course. I will make sure each student gets a meaningful amount that will be pivotal in facilitating smooth education. For the tertiary institutions I’ll make sure per student receives Ksh 10,000.”

Honourable Kimari also has a solution for the perennial water problems in Ol’ Kalou.

“Though an agricultural rich constituency, we lack reliable water as we are accustomed to depend on rain fed agriculture which is no longer sustainable for food security. I’m going to make sure that I lobby the government to sink boreholes and build dams so that we can harvest the rain water for use during the dry season.”

Nyandarua County and indeed Ol’Kalou constituency is famous for the production of Irish potatoes. Honourable Kimari believes value addition has been lacking.

“Although we produce a lot of potatoes, most of our farmers remain impoverished because of exploitation by middlemen who buy the produce at throw away prices. While in office, I will front legislation that will ensure Minimum Guaranteed returns for our farmers while at the same time emphasize on the need for value addition in a bid to empower the farmers.”

The Brilliant and sharp honourable Kimari also has a great dream to transform the road infrastructure in the area.

“During the rainy season, most of our roads are rendered impassable because they are in a deplorable state. I’m planning to lobby the National and County Government to address the issue of roads to ensure connectivity.”
Olkalou Constituency electricity connection to the national grid stands at 40%. The visionary Honourable Kimari intends to increase that to at least 80%.

For the welfare of the needy and the vulnerable, honourable Kimari says he will put a kitty aside for them to be fully empowered and self reliant.

From The Nation we wish The Visionary Honourable Kimari the very best in his endeavours.

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