Kanu’s John Ochoti Cleared to run for Nairobi Senate Seat

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By Fred Maingi

John Ochoti of the Kenya African National Union (KANU) can now afford a huge smile after he was cleared by the Independent Electoral & Boundaries commission(IEBC) to vie for the Nairobi Senatorial seat in the forthcoming general elections.

A beaming Ochoti was all smiles when he said IS hevis now fully verified and Approved to taste the deep waters.

He urged his supporters fo vote for Youth and Womem Empowerment, Vote for Equitable Share of Government Resources.

In a post on his facebook page ,the KANU flag bearer rallied Nairobians to vote for him with a promise of changing their life’s if elected to the plum seat.

In an interview after being cleared by the IEBC, Ochoti said he was now ready to fight for the senatorial seat and ready to battle anybody in the race to the Senate.

“The race has now officially kicked-off, I’ve been to the ground and talked to the youth, women, the disabled, business community about my intentions to vie and now that I have been cleared, I will now traverse Nairobi in a vote hunting mission.”he observed.

Ochoti challenged his rivals in Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya Alliance to stop hanging on to the coalition’s presidential candidate Raila Odinga by using his name in their campaigns to get votes.

“Nairobians are wondering why those interested for the Senate in Nairobi are busy campaigning in caravans using Raila’s name, who is seeking for the presidency instead of going to the grassroots to talk about their agenda for Nairobi,” he said.

Ochoti said the candidates are not confident about winning that’s why they are in Raila’s campaign trail with the hope that the former Prime Minister will campaign for them”

“Let’s give Baba a break by allowing him to concentrate in his campaigns for the presidency instead of distracting his focus and attention, by wanting to divide his attention by campaigning for them,” he said.He added”“Let’s campaign by explaining our vision, mission, manifestos and agenda that we or the people of Nairobi instead of using Raila’s name in our campaigns. We are not seeking to go to the Senate for Raila but for Nairobians.”

Ochoti said he is ready to serve Nairobians as their Senator since he knows their challenges and solutions.

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