Pamela Ateka: Why I am The Best Candidate for Nairobi Senator Seat

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By Martin Masinde

Her name is Pamela Ateka. A robust and outgoing leader who has a passion to transform the City. The Times independently sought an interview with her.

“I’m Pamela Ateka and I’m vying for senate seat in the Nairobi City County under the Democratic Action Party ticket.

My key pillars of development revolve around ensuring proper garbage collection, sustainable water and also ensuring that the funds allocated to the county government are prudently utilised.”

She continued, “The work of a senator is three fold: legislation, oversight and representation and I believe I’m equal to the task. Let no one look at me from the femininity perspective.

Why is it that we are addressed as women leaders while the men are addressed as just leaders?” she quipped.

She concluded by saying the leadership of the county requires a fresh blood. She called upon Nairobians to make a wise move come August the 9th.

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