Exclusive: Annastacia Muendo Breaks Down Plans for Yatta Constituency

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By John Kariuki

The clamour for women has now reached fever pitch with just under 70 days to the General Elections.

One such brilliant and bold leader is Honorable Annastacia Muthini Muendo who us vying for the position of Member of Parliament in Yatta Constituency.

 It will be remembered that her bid got a boost after James Mutiso aka Kissinger dropped his bid in her favor.

The Times sought an exclusive interview with The humble yet likeable Annastacia.

“My background is the driving force that informed my decision to vie. I come from a humble background where I used to sell firewood so that I could get school fees.

Yatta is where I call home, having  been born and raised here, i chose not to go against our norms, culture and  traditions that has moulded us to the noble Men & Women we are today.

Going back to my roots is for one single reason of improving socioeconomic status of our people and  in giving them dignified life.”

Honourable Annastacia aka Mama na Kazi  is vying under the United Democratic Alliance UDA Party ticket.

She added, “In this election, we come to our people more  united by the need to transform their  lives than ever before. For many decades, Politics of generality has taken the centre stage in our Kamba region despite our unique challenges stemming from historical injustices like marginalization in opportunities and resources allocation.”

Her first priority, being a youth herself, is to focus on youth and women empowerment

“Youths and hawkers in various towns will for once benefit from pro people policy that is set to streamline our production sector through policies and  prioritize through Capital support. Through this, our youths will earn through their productivity be it in the jua Kali or bodaboda sector.”

For the women, Honourable Annastacia said, I

“I’m going to channel the needed Capital into the business to increase production for the available market, undertake a research study that will upgrade their Skills to meet the Market standards, look for Market to sell their products and organize them into Cooperatives where they can invest jointly and get dividends regularly.”

In the field of sports, Honorable Annastacia opines that most of our youths have untapped potential. “Our youths are talented and if we work towards empowering them sport wise, we can assist them to shine even on the international scene. I’m going to establish sports academies to hone their skills and to avert dangers like drug abuse.”

Education is also key to Annastacia. “Its pathetic that our children are lacking education due to school fees. I’m going to partner with donors and well wishers to supplement the bursary kitty so that it’s going to be more inclusive and help more students.”

On infrastructure, Annastacia believes she has what it takes to improve the infrastructure of the area. We need to open up roads for our constituency to grow economically.”

On agriculture, Annastacia believes this being the backbone of our economy, a lot can be done to facilitate agriculture.

“I will use my platform to lobby the national government to put up dams so that we can do irrigation for food security. We are blessed with good soil and also we are famed for being producers of the sweetest fruits. I also plan to set up a fruit processing factory which will also create jobs for our youths,” Honorable Annastacia added

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