Ruto and Raila Supporters Clash in Mt.Elgon Over Gubernatorial Race

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By Isabella Maua

As IEBC continue with the process of clearing political aspirants across the country, the Bungoma two horse gubernatorial race seem to be getting hotter with unexpected outcomes foreseen.

Chaos have today erupted as former Deputy Governor Bungoma County, Hillary Chemoywo stood to address the mourners at a funeral in Kongit area.

The former principal who has recently  deviated from Lusaka’s team to join  the incumbent governor Wangamati’s team solicited mixed reactions after insinuating in his speech that selling Lusaka’s name in Mt.Elgon is like hawking pork in Middle East countries.

“As earlier perceived that Elgon is the bedroom of Lusaka, it is now evident that there is no vote for him again in this region,” Chemoywo said emphasizing the fact that he wasn’t genuinely left out on the DG race.

Linet Chemtai, Ford Kenya Sub County party bitterly challenged Chemoywo citing honesty and transparency in their party.

“The DG position selection was fair and as a party we remain supportive of Lusaka’s choice as we fully rally behind Jennifer under the Kenya Kwanza coalition,” Linet said.

She also dismissed allegations by some of  Kenya Kwanza coalition aspirants who have complained that  Lusaka has not been incorporating them in his meetings and strategic planning within the region.

“Lusaka has not yet even started campaigning in Mt.Elgon whereas some of the aspirants are already spreading propaganda that he is despising them, let them rally behind their party leaders and leave Ford Kenya’s aspirants alone,” she reiterated.

 Saddy Chesori, an MCA aspirant Cheptais ward under Party of Democratic Unity (PDU) blamed Lusaka for discriminating them despite the fact that they’re under one coalition.

“ Inspite of Lusaka being my close friend whom I have worked with for years, I’ll without fear of contradiction say that he does not appreciate our value as members of Kenya Kwanza under other parties; until he does so, let him fight his own battle regarding campaigns in this region,” Chesori cautioned.

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