Nyakera Cleared for Muranga’s Top Job

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By John Kariuki

Murang’a Gubernatorial Candidate on Farmer’s Party Irungu Nyakera is a delighted man after being cleared for the top job by the independent elections and boundaries commission.

The former Principal Secretary styles himself as a Dedicated, Proven reformist, a Candidate for the people.

He was cleared after submitting his credentials to the IEBC offices in Murang’a on Saturday.

“My zeal to serve the residents of Murang’a county is fuelled by the urge for better service delivery and service to humanity.”

Nyakera is by far the most preferred Gubernatorial Candidate for Murang’a county owing to his tireless efforts to advocate for the plight of farmers.

He is credited for steering the National Taskforce on Tea and Coffee reforms whereby he redeemed the farmers from exploitation and increased the value of their produce.

“Let us be the generation that reshapes our economy to compete in the digital age” is his mantra.

Health care is key in his agenda. He says

“My goal is to make high-quality healthcare available to everyone, as well as a single-call emergency response system. After a thorough research, I’ve noticed that in our county healthcare is a disaster, and there is a near-zero response to accidents and other emergency victims. Victims are frequently forced to lie on the side of the road while their caregivers look for a mode of transportation. Because there are few ambulances in use, access to the already disadvantaged health centres is limited. This has to come to an end!”

To facilitate ease of doing business, he says “My administration aims to spearhead business development in Murang’a through policy incentives and other instruments. we will: Scrap and/or minimize unnecessary red tape; Professionalize our public service by an order of magnitude; Foster the most business-enabling environment in Kenya; and Establish a standing monthly consultative forum with the business and professional communities to maintain the fire of our ambition.”

The former Principal Secretary is ready to serve Murang’as a professional because he believes that Murang’a lacks a manager.

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