Most Recent LG Life-Enhancing Solutions Developed to Change People’s Lives and Businesses for The Better

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Change is inevitable, it’s the only constant thing in life. In this regard, we have witnessed tens and tens of innovations over the last decade aimed at improving life and livelihood. While it’s been a good thing, this seems to be just the beginning.

Today, for instance, many people are working from home and spending more time indoors. This means activities typically undertaken outside are now taking place in the comfort of home. Consumers are now going online to work (WFH), take classes, attend doctor appointments and carry out hobbies at home.

In the recently concluded Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022 exhibition held in Barcelona, LG Electronics showcased ground-breaking information display technology aimed at making people’s day-to-day business run smoothly. This, signifying the coming of a more tech-driven future

“We are excited to demonstrate the life-enhancing solutions that have been developed to change people’s lives for the better. Our sharp and seamless imagery stands out, especially in a crowded setting like this, and what’s more, our vertical solutions are creating new possibilities,” said Paik Ki-mun, senior vice president and head of the Information Display business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company. “We’re finding new ways to make it easier to make a positive impact, no matter the field.”

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To make this impact, here are new Life-Changing, Post-Pandemic and sector-specific LG Innovative Solutions set to create new possibilities in 2022 and beyond;

Home Entertainment

1.       The One:Quick Flex – This is an innovative solution set to transform home entertainment. The all-in-one display combines a built-in microphone, camera and speakers with a 43-inch 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) screen and an optional movable stand. With its simple touch-based setup and user-friendly Windows OS, it is not only suitable for WFH but distance learning, video conferencing, remote training and entertainment as well. The larger 55-inch One:Quick combines built-in touch capabilities with intuitive video conferencing tools and it is popular in educational and corporate environments, since its easy UX and added convenience lets, multiple users, instantly connect and dive right into work or lesson plans.

2.       LG MAGNIT  –  This is a new Micro LED signage solution which made its debut in 2020. It is aimed at delivering groundbreaking picture quality and durability with LG’s proprietary Black Coating display technology as well as a streamlined installation with its clever block-assembly design. However, this year, LG is setting its sights on redefining the premium home cinema by providing a next-level viewing experience with an aesthetically-pleasing design and gigantic 136-inch 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) screen. The jaw-dropping picture quality created by its several million self-emissive LED pixels lets people enjoy their favourite movies, TV shows, sports events and artwork in privacy at home. And to make watching content easier and more enjoyable, several popular streaming apps are accessible on it via LG’s webOS 6.0 smart TV platform. Additionally, when paired with Bang & Olufsen’s flagship Beolab 90 home speaker, LG MAGNIT delivers an even more immersive home cinema experience.

Transport Sector

Transparent OLED – Used on glass walls to create bright and futuristic imaging and useful meeting tools. Transparent OLED is also being utilized in the transportation sector as advertising or information displays on station windows. In addition, its made its way into museums, greeting visitors at the door and overlaying objects with context for a more extraordinary experience. Transparent OLED Touch has also gained popularity as an interactive display.

Mission Critical Environment

LG also has several innovations centred around mission-critical environments. Fine-pitch LED’s high definition and bezel-less design display every fine detail, while the bezel-less 54-inch LED Bloc allows customers to use it as a 55-inch LCD video wall display with easy installation – it even fits the brackets of existing LCD video wall models.* These features have made them useful in corporate control rooms, auditoriums and virtual classrooms.

65-inch UltraFine™ Display OLED – This OLED is built with studio professionals in mind. It supports pro-grade interfaces and can render the source’s original, high-quality resolution without scaling down. What’s more, for colourists spending countless hours behind a screen, the UltraFine Display OLED Pro meets Eyesafe Standards and helps protect their eyes from blue light. LG UltraFine OLED Pro can be used in post-production companies as well as OTT companies when screening.

Retail sector

In the retail sector, LG’s Content Management Solution, SuperSign QSR, delivers customers a dynamic menu board while behind the scenes it streamlines the kitchen display system and integrates with the PoS system. Another featured product for outdoor customer interactions is the 21.5-inch high brightness touch display. Whether it’s at a drive-thru kiosk, gas pump or EV charger, this durable signage is useful as it stands up to harsh weather conditions and dust with a brightness that makes information easy to read.

Hospitality Sector

Amidst all the cross-sector synergy, LG is also presenting cloud solutions specifically designed for specific industries or use cases. For example, Pro: Centric Cloud has been engineered to transform hospitality management by taking Pro: Centric, LG’s flexible and intuitive content management system for hospitality, and expanding it across multiple properties via cloud-based architecture. Now, hotels can offer personalized services, maintain consistent imaging and collect behavioural data across multiple branches, all centralized in one place.

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