Huawei, Tourism Ministry and Safaricom partner to drive wildlife conservation

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As the country marks the global Environment Day, the firm delivered an awe-inspiring live broadcast of wild animals in their natural habitat at the Amboseli National Park to illustrate the use of modern technology to monitor endangered wild animals and boost security in their natural habitat.

The move, said Huawei CEO Will Meng, will help rebuild the tourism sector as the Kenyan economy continues to recover from the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions. He also credited the firm’s Fusion Solar Green Power Home technology with producing renewable power to drive the camera equipment that is located in the national park. Renewable energy is central as an alternative power choice due to the abundance of sunshine and accessibility of solar power systems for remote areas.

“This is the first time that we are doing this in Kenya and is a clear testament to the possibilities we can achieve with a 5G network. The ability of 5G to bring incredible speeds and very low response times is enabling innovative solutions across all industries, and tourism is no exception,” he said.

Meng added that technology will increasingly become a powerful tool for environmental and wildlife conservation through managing endangered species and informing, educating and inspiring the whole nation. 

Reaching up to 100 million impressions, the event informed viewers of the importance of the natural environment and wildlife, as well as increasing interest in Kenyan tourism in support of the Magical Kenya Campaign.  During the online broadcast viewers were treated to spectacular views of elephant, buffalo, wildebeest, hippos and zebra as well as thousands of flamingos all with the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Cabinet Secretary for Tourism, Najib Balala kicked off the livestream noting how it enhances the Magical Kenya brand: “Kenya is blessed with extraordinary environmental resources which we protect and grow, in the belief that a strong ecosystem enables a vibrant economy and social development. Kenya is not only a leading tourism destination, we are also a leading technology nation,” said Balala.

Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa, explained it was a clear illustration of the power of combining technology and innovation to transform lives. “Today’s broadcast, powered by Safaricom’s 5G in partnership with Huawei and the Ministry of Tourism underscores our belief that 5G has a great future in enriching and enhancing the experience of tourism in this country,” he said.

Technology will increasingly play an important role in environmental protection. Renewable power solutions are emerging as the preferred ones due to low cost and remote set up capabilities without needing fossil fuels.

The 5G livestream recording can be watched on YouTube ( and Facebook (

The trailer can be seen on YouTube ( and Facebook ( launch speeches are available on YouTube (

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