Azimio Manifesto hailed for highlighting plight of widows and orphans

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By Martin Masinde

The Azimio Administration has being given a pat on the back for bringing to the fore the plight of widows and orphans.

Dianah Kamande the founder of Come Together Widows and Orphans says there’s a lot for them in the Manifesto.

“Let’s roll-up our sleeves as women even after special groups of Women who work hard to make ends meet have been mentioned. Don’t forget about several opportunities available for you as a woman Women Enterprise Fund continues to deliver, The Uwezo Fund and National Government Affirmative Action Fund – NGAAF please dear woman continue taking advantage of these opportunities because next Government will still continue with what current Government has started.”

Being an electioneering year, the widows welfare gas been adequately addressed in the Manifesto. Diana looks back and Gail’s the several achievements saying that at the moment widows have been empowered more than ever before.

“At the moment widows all over the country have access to financial literacy skills and healthcare has also been made accessible to them. This is a big plus because the healthcare affects women so much. At this time also, widows children’s will have an opportunity to go to school and complete with their counterparts.”

She credits the Cabinet Secretary of Gender Prof. Margaret Kobia for the good job she has done in spearheading plight of widows.

“Through her able leadership, widows have had access to the legal field and have their issues addressed in a more pragmatic manner. As we speak more than 251 cases of widows have been taken up by FIDA and have been successful.”

Recently, she launched a loan facility for widows.

“We have launched #ThaminiMjane a special loan product for our Widows of Kenya that was tailor made by Women Enterprise Fund.

Thamini mjane was launched on 21st June 2021

Thamini is specially made for Widows of Kenya to bridge the Economic Gender Gap that widows were experiencing due to their vulnerability and because of lack of collaterals needed by other financial institutions during loan application.”

To support them and the Widows were happy to know they are no longer alone. Our Government is determined to do everything that it can to support it’s widows together with other like minded organizations both locally and Internationally.

We thank the Global Fund For Widows for having championed the Widows Savings and Loans (WISALAs) a model that is really working and has been highly embraced and supported.

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