Governor Alex Tolgos Scorecard at the Helm of Elgeyo Marakwet

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By Martin Masinde

Not many Excellencies can match the unrivalled track record of Elgeyo Marakwet Governor Alex Tolgos. Governor Tolgos, an engineer by profession has served EMC for two uninterrupted terms.

Whilst his counterparts are in and out of court, he has never at one given time been linked to any corruption scandal. In short he is a man of integrity.

“My key pillar has been education whereby I have constructed Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers in all wards in my county. I have also worked to improve remuneration of the ECD teachers whom I’ve hired on a contract basis. I’ve set up youth polytechnics and thus has resulted in increment in enrolment and subsequent absorption in the job market.”

Pillar two of my scorecard is infrastructure. I have worked to open up the most inaccessible places in my county especially linking up the hanging valley with the lower valley. Most of the roads in my county have also been upgraded to bituminous standards. I have also worked to create parallel roads with KenHa roads.

Pillar of Agriculture. “I initiated the buy one get one initiative aimed at promoting farmers to plant and take care of the seedlings. I did this for mangoes, tea and coffee. We have a lot of success stories in this respect. For potatoes I have a trademark”Tolgos” after I successfully liberated farmers from exploitation whereby they used to sell potatoes in 120kg bags but through the County Assembly we enacted legislation that the potatoes should be packaged in 50kg bags
For livestock farmers, I was able to highly subsidize semen for Artificial Insemination in order to enable farmers improve their stock. Sexed semen now goes for Ksh 500 from an upward of 6,000 which is way above the affordability of most farmers whilst the normal AI is just a cool ksh 200. Through this initiative most farmers are able to increase milk production.

I’ve also equipped the farmers with milk covers and processing plants in a bid to add value to our milk which is labelled Elma Milk.

With these achievements I believe I will continue spearheading interests of my peop once they give me the mandate of becoming the next Senator.

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