Hon Kabacho Dreams Big for Nyandarua

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By John Kariuki

Honourable Naomi Kabacho is the woman to watch in the upcoming general elections in respect to the Woman Representative position Nyandarua County.

Honorable Kabacho is vying on an independent ticket. She is styling herself as Ngatha ya Nyandarua.

Born and bred in Silibwet Oljororok sub county and now a resident of Kinangop constituency, Honorable Kabacho best understands the needs of the County more than anyone else.

“My  ambitions is to see that great things come our way as people of Nyandarua. The key priority is Lobbying for the increase of cash transfer program. This is a dream come true and a great boost to our economy. We need to act on our valid dreams to actualize them.”

 Naomi believes that she is the right woman to do this as she has a good track record of working hand in hand with the community.

She is a leader of the people and for the people.

A spot check by The Times revealed that she is the best suited for the job. A random check revealed, “We are supporting her because she is a prayerful leader who is also incorruptible and of good will to be a servant to the people.

Naomi Kabacho is the right leader to lead us well. We need leaders who can stand up and fight for what they believe is right and good for the people.

She also prioritizes on Socio-economic empowerment to women, men and youths through creation and funding of self help groups has been among her top agenda. With this, the economy will grow and flourish as will the lifes of nyandarua people.”

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