My Ground’s Still Tenacious, Kapondi Hits Back at Critics

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By Isabella Maua

Mt. Elgon Member of National Assembly Hon. Fred Kapondi has urged area residents to keep off propaganda and embrace development oriented leaders.

Speaking during the launch of the much awaited Medical Training College in Bugaa, Kapsokwony, Kapondi called upon voters to be wise in their decision making and consider leaders who have proven records.

“Some petty politicians will now start peddling rumours that I am in Azimio because we have shared a platform with governor Wangamati but I will put it clear that the governor has  been my friend since high school and politics cannot divide us,” Kapondi reinstated.

Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati  who was the guest of honour expressed his gratitude to the area MCA Hillary Kiptalam and MNA Kapondi  citing their unity as the strongest pillar in seeing the project through.

“This is the only MTC I have launched in my 5 year tenure and I’m proud to have worked with Kapondi and other willing leaders to achieve this flagship dream in Mt.Elgon,” Wangamati noted.

He on the other hand assured residents that by early 2023 the institution will have enrolled 1,000 students and definitely the livelihoods of people will have greatly improved.

With regards to August 9th polls, Kapondi hinted to IEBC that it should be vigilant concerning politicians who campaign in disguise.

“Allan should be warned not to distribute UDA reflectors to Bodaboda riders who then cause chaos and I am blamed for it, independent candidates should print their own stuff,” the legislator apprised.

While speaking exclusively with The Times Newspaper, Hon. Allan Chemayiek who is giving the incumbent a run for his money discounted the allegations terming it as mere propaganda holding no water.

“Those reflectors were the ones I gave out during my UDA campaign and it is illogical that I could move around to collect them. My ground is still strong and unshakable, no such propaganda will make me throw in the towel,” Allan proclaimed.

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