Kaberere Launches Bid for Kandara

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By John Kariuki

Kandara Aspiring Member of Parliament Julius Kaberere has launched his bid by unveiling his manifesto that will mainly focus on reviving agriculture and improving the quality of education in the constituency.

Speaking at the launch, Kaberere a  technocrat turned politician said his desire to lead Kandara was informed by what he termed as neglect of constituents by the incumbent Alice Wahome.

According to Kaberere, Wahome has focused more on the national Politics lobbying for Deputy President William Ruto statehouse ambitions while her constituents were left on their own.

“The incumbent has been busy on issues national politics. Abdicating her mandate. We need an accessible leader. The County government under the Captainship of Mwangi wa Iria deputised by Mwangi Kamau cannot pinpoint any tangible project initiated in Kandara apart from avocado and sweet potatoes. No markets, no roads.. We need fresh impetus for the youths to have access to jobs”, he said.

Under the pillar of education, he promised to establish education support fund which he said he will get it from mobilizing different donors.

He also promised to uplift the physical infrastructure to enhance hygiene in schools by constructing safe pit latrines and libraries.

Kaberere also vowed to ensure that he has worked closely with KEMSA to ensure all hospitals and dispensaries in the constituency have enough medicine. He will also hire medical personnel to beef up healthcare in Kandara.

Mr Kaberere also believes in inclusivity which is why he has a plan for persons living with disabilities.

“I will register all of them so that they can receive help which they need. Develop a fund to support PWDs to cater for their families”, he promised to the differently abled.

In agriculture, he said that he will invite investors to buy finished products as he also constructs cold rooms for their fresh produce.

“We will also connect farmers to international level where Kandara products will stand out. Under my leadership, Kandara will definitely never be the same again”, he promised.

Kaberere also took time to dismiss those claiming that Kandara is a UDA zone insisting that residents were going to vote for a leader with ideologies not party politics.

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